Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My kids stall when it's bedtime.  Shocking, I know...

Tonight the kids played a game together, without fighting!  Very impressive!  Then I tucked Tiger in and then Curly.  As I was leaving Curly's room, I saw Tiger's door crack open.  I saw a little hand.  I saw a little toe.  Then I saw a little blonde head.  And then the little finger beckoned me close.  "Talk to me."  "Come talk to me."  "Come in here."

Now, really, who could resist that???

So, back in the room I go. We talk for a minute about his blankets, I tuck him in again, I remind him that he is wearing underwear and that Elmo does not want to be peed on, and then I turn on the music. I leave the room and retreat to my room. Five minutes later he's back. "I have mosquito bite on shoulder." We doctor it. "My tummy and my back. It hurts. My tummy and my back have mosquito bite." We doctor those. "Tuck me in." He heads back to his room and climbs in his bed. He chooses the blanket he wants to be tucked in with. I tuck him in, issue the underwear warning, give him a hug and a kiss, and turn the music back on.

Peace again. We'll see how long it lasts this time.

I Love You Game

Daily my tired brain is subjected to the "I love you game."

Curly begins, "Mom, I love you bigger than the world!"

Mom, "I love you bigger than the sky!"

Curly, "I love you bigger than Heaven!"

Mom, "I love you bigger than North America!" (Yes, I do know that Heaven is bigger. No comment please)

Curly, "I love you more than 100 people in the biggest city!!!"

Mom, "I love you deeper than the ocean!"

Curly, "I love you more than the pipes that go under the house and take the trash away!!"

Mom, "I love you very very much!" (How can I top that one??)

And on that note, our game will end...

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