Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ants in my pants

We know that Curly is allergic to fire ants but we sure hate to be reminded of that fact!
Curly came inside from playing in the backyard and complained of being itchy.  I noticed a welt on her face but she was complaining that her back was itching.  On inspection, I realized that she was having a severe allergic reaction to a fire ant bite.  I gave her some benadryl and then in to the shower she went to cool down.  After her shower, I put some cortizone on some of the larger welts.  Later that evening her back was looking better and she felt less itchy.  Thank goodness!

The next day she complained of being itchy again.  I checked her back and it was round 2.  Her back looked just as it had the day before.  After chatting with our doctor, I learned that fire ant bites can cause a reaction that can linger for several days-it can take several days for the redness and itching to subside.  He recommended some Calamine lotion for the itching and some oatmeal baths.  We were able to get by with some benadryl cream, but next time I'll be more prepared for a lasting or even reoccurring reaction to ant bites. 

Life at the hive is never dull........

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Chrissie said...

I had this exact reaction today to a few ant bites. I was so scared because I have never reacted to anything in my life and I am 32! Benedryl helped and I will take some more tomorrow.. but, gosh I thought my world was ending!

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