Friday, June 29, 2012

Allergic to the Allergy Doctor

What happens when you have an allergic reaction at the allergist's office?

Yes, we had our big allergy appointment for testing and we were in the room patiently waiting for the doctor when Bee broke out as she was eating her snack.  At first, I suspected the snack, although it was something she had eaten many times before.  Then I began to inspect our room.  In the trash can I found a box which had contained individual packages of a trail mix that contained peanuts.

I immediately found a nurse in the hallway and showed her the trash.  She had the trash taken out and I washed Bee's face and hands.  Within several minutes the hives began to subside.

I'm glad she was ok and the reaction was small.  But I was still furious.  We are at the office of our allergist/immunologist.  No one in that building should be eating a snack containing peanuts.  Many of their patients are peanut allergic and those reactions can be life threatening.

Why don't people think?

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