Thursday, June 28, 2012

Doctor Appointments

Well, we had our big allergy appointment in April (during which time Bee had an allergic reaction) and what information did we learn?  Not. one. thing.

Bee had a respiratory infection the week prior to our appointment and still had a slight cough at the time of the appointment.  After the doctor evaluated her, she would not do any testing because she was worried about her wheezing.  Her concern was that Bee might have a more severe reaction during testing because her breathing was already compromised.

I drove 3 hours round trip to learn nothing!

Instead, we spent 2 hours in the office meeting with our dietician and 2 respiratory therapists.  The doctor ordered Bee to have several doses of medicine with an inhaler.

The doctor insisted that Bee sounded better after her doses, but I couldn't tell a difference in her breathing or her cough.  The medicine did make her jumpy, cranky, and irritable though.  So, I drove home with a coughing cranky kid.

We rescheduled the testing and waited a month for our new appointment.  The day before that appointment, Bee became very sick again.  I cancelled that appointment, knowing that even if I made the trip, no testing would be done and I would be wasting my time.

So, we haven't had our allergy appointment yet!  I was so hoping for answers or lower numbers or any signs of improvement.  I guess we'll keep waiting!

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