Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Little Update on the Blog

My blog has been strangely quiet lately.  I haven't had much blogging time with focusing on homeschooling our five kids and trying to get settled into our new house.  I've finally dusted off this blog and am trying to get back into a good blog routine.  

One of the reasons I haven't felt like blogging is that I'm simply tired of the allergy-free life.  Can I admit that out loud?  I am so tired of not being "normal" and trying to find healthy alternatives.  I'm tired of worrying about whether my kids are safe.  I'm tired of cooking every meal from scratch.  I just haven't wanted to think about our allergy free life at all.

But we're going through some changes.  I have some updates to give.  I've learned a few new things and we've discovered some new struggles and challenges to overcome.  It's time for me to step back up into my role as allergy mom and remember why I continue this journey.  

I plan to blog a few days a week sharing about our allergy life and posting a few of our new recipes as I try some more experimental cooking and baking in the kitchen. 

What can you expect at Hives?

  • I plan to blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.  
On the other days you can find me at Lextin Academy, my other blog that chronicles our homeschool adventures and our favorite curricula.

On Tuesdays I'll share more about our family and about where we are in our allergy journey.
On Thursdays I'll try to share new recipes that have become favorites at our house.

  • In the rest of my spare time I'm going to work to spruce up the blog a little bit.  

I plan to go back to old posts and do some editing - adding new pictures and making sure that all the recipes are written correctly.  I hope to add more pinnable images to posts and just do some general "cleaning up" here at Hives.

Know that it's a work in progress!


Kim said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I am subscribed to it under blogger, so I was excited to see you in my blog list this morning.
I'm 27 and have been dealing with Celiac's disease for the past 8 years, and developed severe food allergies shortly after (soy, coconut and now sesame) and I'll second how tiring it gets. Always explaining, always being on alert, reading labels, making sure I always have my EPI pen. I miss being "normal" too, so don't feel bad for admitting it!

Clarissa said...

I'm glad you'll be blogging here again. I know what you mean about being tired of the allergy-free life! It is tiring to always have that to think/worry about, you can never just go someplace with your kids and relax... I don't feel normal either. I am not a good enough cook to make great allergy-free food from scratch (dairy free mostly... Idk how you do it with so many more allergies!)... sigh... anyway... will be looking forward to your posts! :)

AnnaPK said...

I am glad you are back! And yes, it is okay to admit you are tired of the allergy life. We are all there at different points! Remember you are not alone, and your recipes are great and help others!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about being Allergy burnout I have felt this same way so many times! It would be nice to not have to worry and live a "normal life" but our kids could have something harder to manage such as Autism or Down syndrome. Thank you for your recipes. They have been a great lifesaver in my life. They have made this journey much easier. I also home-school and thanks for the ideas! Know that you are not alone in the food allergy journey! Hang in there!

Lexi Henegar said...

Thanks for all the sweet words! It does feel good to be back to blogging and I'm so glad you enjoy the recipes! I've been busy working in the kitchen this week as well. Several new recipes coming soon!
I enjoyed my break from thinking about the allergies constantly. I'll try to get back into blogging mode in the upcoming weeks.
And yes, I've been so very very tired of the allergy life. Sometimes writing on this blog is painful because it is a constant reminder of how stressful managing the food allergies can be.

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