Monday, September 5, 2011


Today we are celebrating the fact that we made it through the weekend.  But, you say, isn't the week supposed to be the hard part?  Nope!  For the month of September the weekends are going to be misery for me and for my poor hubby.  Did I ever mention that he is a PhD student?  This weekend was the beginning of prelims or the comprehensive exam.  He's taking it in 3 parts-one part per weekend.  His job is to write and research and study and edit and pull all-nighters.  My job is to keep the kids out of the bedroom and keep them busy and somewhat quiet!  I do wonder which job will be more difficult....

Today we are one exam down and two more to go, and that is reason to celebrate!  Not to mention today is a holiday and we have a full day of Daddy fun!

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