Friday, September 2, 2011

To Test or Not to Test for Food Allergies

We have been wondering if Ladybug had food allergies.  We have been praying and hoping that the answer was NO!

Was the best answer to simply have her tested to find out?  Or do we wait until she has a reaction or shows some other symptom of an allergy?

I know some allergic parents have all their other children tested once they have a child diagnosed with an allergy.  Other parents prefer the wait and see method.

In my heart I've just felt that Ladybug was allergy free.  But she has started to have some interesting symptoms lately.  She has always been a spit up baby.  Lately, it seems like she's been spitting up-all the time!  Occasionally we even have projectile.  That is sure fun to clean off the floor, wall, and furniture.

Other than her interesting spit up episodes, Ladybug doesn't seem to be showing any other symptoms.  She has beautiful, clear, eczema-free skin.  She is gaining weight and looks like a little butterball right now.

I decided to take her to our doctor to discuss her never-ending spit up fun.  He seemed to think she was doing fine but agreed to have her tested if it would make us feel better.  I thought it might be easier to know her RAST results before we began solid foods with her.  The whole trial-and-error method just doesn't make me feel very safe.

We headed to the lab after our appointment and the tech was wonderful.  One stick and the fastest blood draw that we have ever experienced, and Ladybug was all done.  She really didn't have time to fuss.

Now to wait for our results.  Are we allergy-free???

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