Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where did you go to medical school?

Sometimes you just have to wonder........just where did that doctor go to medical school?  Where did that nursing degree come from? 

And you know the situation might be a little desperate when a mom is trying to explain medical terms to the doctor or nurse.  Then, all she gets is the blank deer-in-headlights look. 

Ohh, I remember one of our many doctor visits with little Bee.............we were on doctor 10 or 12 and I was giving the run-down on her medical history.  We didn't keep doctors too long because they were always making me angry-by disagreeing with me... 

At this visit, I began by giving the nurse a crash course in Bee's history, including her RAST tests.  RAST, as in radioallergosorbent test.  It's not that difficult to figure it out-all you really need is Wikipedia.  (And in case you don't have time to skim Wikipedia, RAST is a blood test.  They draw your blood; they test that blood against certain allergens; they see if your immune system responds.  If it does-you might be allergic; if not-you might be ok.  It's really very simple).  So, I could not understand why I was getting a blank stare each time I mentioned the RAST test results.  I was talking to a nurse who worked in a doctor's office for an allergist.  Isn't that what they do? 

After repeating myself about 4 times and the nurse began to type.  Hooray!  She's got it!  She busily input all the information into the computer.  Then we were shown to our room to wait ever-so-patiently for the doctor. 

Finally!  The doctor comes in, pulls up Bee's information on her fancy laptop, skims over what the nurse recorded, looks very puzzled, and asks........She's allergic to RATS?  Is that why you're here?


And that's my M.O.M. degree at work.  Trumps all the other ones out there every time! 

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