Tuesday, May 7, 2013

News from the Hive

Our Hive has some news!  We are moving!  (I'm actually not excited about it........)  

Here's the scoop:

We live in a rent house and we were planning to renew our lease.  We just learned that our landlords want to move back into our rent house.  That means that we're going to have to move out this summer!

We are in the middle of house hunting for another house in one of the nearby neighborhoods.  So, the blogging might be a little sporadic between the packing and the moving.

We think we'll be moving sometime in June.  Moving with food allergies is not at all fun!

I hate house hunting with food allergies.  Why?  

  • Because we have to wander through houses that have pets or might have food out or might be dirty or might have tons of air freshener stinkiness!  All of those things can bother Bee!  (We often have to go as a family since we don't have someone to watch the kids and my hubby and I both need to see the houses).  So, the kids get to go along on our trips and we keep a careful eye on Bee at each house.  It does give us a good indication of how she'll do in the new home though.

  • Because it's hard to cook when you're in the middle of moving and packing.  When you don't have many options for eating out safely, you cherish your kitchen and home-cooked meals.  Cooking when your kitchen items are packed is really tough.  I hate trying to plan meals, get things cooked, or pick up our standby meal of Chick-Fil-A.  Moving means unhealthy and quickly planned meals.  

  • Because something might get overlooked in the midst of all the moving plans.  I'm afraid I'll forget something or misplace the Epi Pens or forget to read a label carefully.  Moving makes me lose my mind!  But I can't let that happen because I've got to keep Bee safe and not lose track of the kids during the craziness!

So, I think I've just discovered a new fear - moving with food allergies.  I'm afraid that I'll forget something or miss something or be less vigilant because of the chaos surrounding me.  And that's just not an option for us.

By the end of our move I hope this will be true of us:


Cristi said...

I had to laugh when you talked about eating Chick Fil A. During our last move, I had grand intentions of saving our Chick Fil A meals for while we were on the road driving to our new location. We ended up eating there at least one meal per day for about a week because I was just too busy with movers, cleaning the house, dealing with car troubles, etc. At one point, the Chick Fil A workers near our old house asked if we hadn't already been there that week.

Lexi said...

Ours know us a little too well. When we move I just try to survive and cooking gets put off. We pull through the drive through at Chick-Fil-A way too often! I've just resigned myself to a week of really bad eating!
Our other safe place to eat is Chipotle. My kids like their burrito bowls with beans, rice, and chicken.

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