Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Punkin Update

In March we made the 3 hour drive to take Punkin to our immunologist.  During our 4 hour appointment, we saw a resident, our doctor, our dietician, and 4 different nurses.  It was a long day!

What did we learn?  I don't feel like we learned much.

Punkin was allergy-tested and everything was negative - not even a little bit positive.  Her skin test showed nothing!

So, we learned that she has eczema - which we already knew.  But we don't have a real reason of why hers is so severe.

We don't have a very exciting action plan other than lots of cool tub soaks, lots of lotion, keeping her cool, using a humidifier, and using even more lotion.

I think I'm still in shock that her test results were negative.  I'm just not sure how confident I am with those results.  She's so much like Bee with her symptoms and yet the doctor believes she has no allergies. 

We'll keep on with our tub soaks and lotion regime and the we'll go back in November.  I'm hoping to have some type of answer.  It's discouraging to hear that she has eczema with no real reason as to why.


Amber said...

I 100% feel your frustration!!! I wouldn't put too much stock in the skin test with her so young. Both my older girls tested negative to EVERYTHING when they were first tested (and they were much older than Punkin). And now they've both tested positive to a ton. I can't tell you how frustrated I am not knowing what exactly is causing the eczema flares in our house.

Kim said...

That's so frustrating!
I'm not sure what to think about my allergy tests. My skin test came back positive to coconut and buckwheat and soy. I just had IgE blood work done, (since I'm not convinced I have a buckwheat allergy) and everything came back negative. Very confusing. I'm going next week for LEAP-MRT testing for food sensitivities. Hopefully it will shed some light about whats going on.

Lexi said...

"Frustrating" just about sums it up. I am very frustrated. We'll keep trying to figure it out and we'll keep working to keep the eczema under control. But it is exhausting!!!!

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