Saturday, January 8, 2011

Casein Point

We know that Bee has a dairy allergy.  It shows up on her tests and many of her reactions are due to dairy products.  This was one of our big discussions at our appointment last month.

Her doctor feels that Bee's dairy allergy is very strong and could be triggered just by coming into contact with dairy-whether it's on her skin or simply in the air.  The doctor believes that if someone were to have dairy protein particles on their clothes and then Bee was in contact with their clothes, a reaction could happen.  If dairy is in the air, then Bee could possibly have a reaction.  If someone ate dairy and then kissed Bee-reaction.  Or if someone had dairy and simply breathed on Bee-reaction.

This was probably the most frustrating and disappointing news at our appointment.  Bee's dairy allergic is considered extremely severe and the doctor repeatedly cautioned us regarding dairy products.

First, I cannot understand why her numbers on her lab work are not highest for dairy.  In her previous lab results, wheat had the highest numbers.  Yet, dairy seems to be the culprit behind most rashes.  Why are her numbers not reflecting the severity of her reactions?

Secondly, I have always thought the "peanut kiss reaction" or the talk of peanut particles in the air causing reactions to be completely ridiculous.  I have heard of people who cannot walk into a restaurant where peanuts are served just because peanuts are in the air.  Overly-dramatic....Then I get the news that we are one of those people!  How do you eliminate floating dairy particles from the air?  How do you eradicate dairy breath?

We're still hopeful that Bee will outgrow many of her allergies.  The doctor isn't sure dairy will be one of those foods.
With that being said, why is dairy in absolutely everything??
Potato chips-can contain milk!
Lunch meats-can contain milk protein!
"Natural flavoring"-can contain milk!
Caramel coloring-can contain milk!
Can the food industry possibly be more vague or irritating??


MamaJ said...

Oh wow, so sorry. I can't even imagine how stressful it is! We are praying for you guys!

Lexi said...

Thanks! It's good to know what's going on but the milk thing is a little crazy. Overall, Bee is doing so much better lately though. So we are making good progress!

MamaJ said...

Glad to hear it!!

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