Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! A Review of 2010

 January 2010 (9 months)
My sweet eczema baby.  Still miserable and covered in rashes, but diagnosed and working toward more answers.  No longer on growth chart due to weight loss.  Lost many developmental milestones because of malnutrition and malabsorption due to the allergies.
 February 2010 (10 months)
Enjoying snow with Mom.  Still rashy but recovering.  Gaining back milestones quickly and starting to smile more often.  Finally sleeping through the night on a regular basis and beginning to take naps.
 March 2010
Moving van arrives to take us to a new state.  Hubby begins a new job and we half-unpack in our rent house.
 March 2010 (11 months)
Enjoying her first ever pancakes in our rent house as we work toward closing on our new house and finding Bee some new doctors.  Had a major reaction to almonds and added those to our list of allergens.
Bee starts to buzz....she's walking!  
 April 2010 (1 year)
Happy 1st Birthday Bee!
Eczema is more under control with fewer outbreaks.  Finding more foods for her to eat but still cooking all her meals separately as allergen-free cooking is so overwhelming.
Bee learns that not only can she walk, she can climb!
 May 2010 (13 months)
Newly-moved into our new house and getting settled.  Beginning to find more recipes and experimenting in the kitchen.  Bee is enjoying to eat for the first time. 
Anaphylactic reaction to pineapple in a smoothie which results in an ER visit on Mother's Day.  Another food is added to our list.
 June 2010 (14 months)
Our first appointment with Texas Children's and the immunologists there.  RAST tests and skin prick tests and more answers.  Barely on the growth chart, but on the curve nonetheless.
I have a willing kitchen helper as we dig in to allergen-free cooking with the new cookbooks I received for Mother's Day the month before.
We learn that Bee will be a big sister in 9 months as baby number 4 is on the way.
July 2010 (15 months)
Still wearing jammies every day (with princess dresses layered on top) to keep Bee from itching and thus breaking out.  The heat also makes her rash.  Slowly gaining weight and moving up to another clothing size, finally.
Learned that Curly has a severe allergy to fire ant bites.  She spends her entire 4th of July swollen from one bite.  Epi-pens are necessary not only for Bee, but for Curly now too.
 August 2010 (16 months)
Kissable eczema-free cheeks.  
Bee's personality is starting to shine as she loves to play and laugh and to climb on everything.  
It's been one year since our initial diagnosis and things are only slightly less overwhelming.
 September 2010 (17 months)
Started our new school year with Bee as my helper.  She enjoys her homemade playdough and loves to color and to paint with water.  Her itching is more under control and we try out some "regular" clothes.
We're seeing more skin reactions with dairy and questioning the severity of her dairy allergies from contact with a person who has had dairy.
 September 2010
Our first family vacation with Bee--to Sea World.  Lots of planning and food packed to take with us.  Special permission granted to bring all of our food into the park.  Was reminded how the heat makes her rash.
October 2010 (18 months)
Pumpkin patch visits, a family Halloween party, and a trip to visit grandparents.
We plan special trick-or-treating for the kids where I provide snack sacks to neighbors ahead of time so they can hand out safe foods.  Bee, dressed as a ladybug, enjoys her suckers and special chocolate candy.
 November 2010 (19 months)
Beautiful baby skin!  Bee gets to be jammieless more often when she's not itchy.  
We have Thanksgiving at our house and I cook an entirely allergen-free meal.  Scary, but everything turns out ok.  Bee enjoys a completely normal meal at the table with everyone else.
December 2010 (20 months)
Merry Christmas Bee!  She enjoys homemade cinnamon rolls as her Christmas breakfast!
We have a follow-up visit with our immunologists and see some improvements in her labwork.  She's also gained almost 4 pounds and is tracking up the growth chart.

Happy New Year!  Looking forward to a new year as our hive continues to grow and life gets a little sweeter.

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