Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dentist Disaster

Sometimes simple things like finding a dentist can be a nightmare.

I am paranoid to allow the dentist to use their toothpastes, with its flavoring and food coloring, on any of the kids.  I know Curly is sensitive to some food colorings and I don't want to learn that Bee has reactions to some of the flavorings.  Therefore, I insist that the dentist use something called Nada Pumice Paste on my kids.  Nada is just that-no flavors, no flavor oils, no fluoride, no color.  Anything else just makes me too nervous.

So, to find a dentist, I have to call and call and call.  I have to explain our situation and ask if they use Nada Paste or if they are willing to order it for us.  It's surprising how many dentists refuse to work with us.

I had an especially fun time with one office the other day....

I called and explained the situation to the office staff.  I asked my questions and was not met with a very positive response.  I asked her to verify with the dentist or hygienist about what paste they used and if I could bring my own toothpaste for Bee-since I knew she did not react to what we used at home.  I was told a resounding, "NO."  I explained our situation again, thinking that surely the staff did not fully understand our situation.  I was told, "No" again.

I then asked them if they were not concerned about a reaction.  I was told, "No."  I then asked if they were willing to work with us.  "No."  I asked if they were concerned about Bee's safety.  "No."  I asked one more time just for my own clarification, "Do you mean to tell me that my daughter's safety is not important to you?"  The woman told me no in a very serious and unapologetic tone.

Wow!  I could not believe what I heard.  The office had a policy that they only used one type of paste and they would not consider any changes, no matter the circumstances.  I explained the allergies and the anaphylaxis and the Epi-pens multiple times to no avail.  That the staff could be so uncaring about our situation was shocking.  They could have at least pretended to be sympathetic.  Needless to say, we won't be patronizing their office.  Thankfully I found another office willing to order Nada Paste for us so maybe we finally found a dentist-it only took 8 phone calls and 3 failed dentist visits.

Why must everything be so complicated???

But we've got to do something to take care of those pearly whites!


Sahamamama said...

Your daughter's life is so precious and matters so much. I pray that you will find all the strength and wisdom you need on your journey, Mommy.

Lexi said...

Thank you! We have some wonderful people who are understanding and helpful but when we are met with people who lack understanding it's hard! But we're doing so well that it encourages me to keep going!

MamaJ said...

We used Dr. Sako in Groves and he was super family-friendly. He always let us go back with the kids and was very accommodating. If you still need someone, I wonder if they'd let you use your own toothpaste? I'm proud of you for not hanging up on that woman!

Lexi said...

Thanks for the info! Dentist stuff is unfun! I was trying so hard to be nice...

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