Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Bee has some exciting news to share with you!!!

Look!  See how excited she is???

This picture is the last picture you will ever see of her sucking her thumb.   That's right!  Bee no longer sucks her thumb!

After many failed attempts to get her to stop, we found a solution.  We used this nail polish and it worked amazingly well!  I had avoided trying any of the polishes because I was afraid she might be allergic to the ingredients, but I was finally desperate enough to try it.  Thank goodness!

Thumb sucking is a huge problem for an allergy kid.  All I need is her to stick her fingers in her mouth after touching a potential allergen-this doubles the impact of her reaction.  How her thumb sucking stressed me out! 

But I also had a terrible time making her stop because sucking her thumb was the only thing that soothed her when she became itchy and rashy.  In a way, her thumb sucking saved my sanity as it quieted her crying when she was younger.  I felt terrible forcing her to quit!

Bee hasn't sucked her thumb in weeks so I think we are finally over that habit.  I keep the polish on her nails just in case though.  At first, she would beg me not to polish her nails but now she asks for the polish-it helps her remember not to suck her thumb if she accidentally puts it in her mouth.  She seems very proud of her accomplishment.

Next up!  Ladybug!  Why was I given a house full of thumbsuckers?!!!

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