Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yet another holiday season with food allergies

Halloween has come and gone with all of its unsafe candy and activities.  We made it through another Thanksgiving and Christmas while staying allergen free and visiting with family and friends.  And Valentine's with its chocolate candy and cupcakes has finally passed.

Every year, with each upcoming holiday, I cringe.  Bee's getting older and starting to notice that our traditions our different.  One day I'm going to have to explain just how different our foods and traditions are.  I often wonder at her reaction.  Will she be angry that she's different?  Will she simply accept our lifestyle?  Will she look back fondly on our traditions as we do the best we can to make each holiday special?

I hate the holidays for their constant reminders that our life is not what it was.  I view them for their potential allergens and picture every worst-case scenario.

True, each holiday can be seen as an opportunity to start new traditions and celebrate in unique ways.  But sometimes I tire of being different.

Now with Easter soon approaching, I've hit that point of frustration and stress-worrying about the holiday and about how to cope and trying to come up with creative alternatives.

What do we do about dyeing eggs?  Do we try for the real thing or use an alternative?  What about Easter Egg Hunts?  What if all the eggs are candy-filled?

It's time to plan out our holiday and start new traditions and put on our own egg hunt in our yard....and gracefully decline all the invitations to egg hunts or other holiday activities.

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