Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cool Tub Soaks and Eczema

Bee has always seemed to be the itchiest when in the bath tub.  Lately her baths have been around 2 minutes at the maximum, because that's how long it takes for her to begin really itching.  Her baths are only warm but we've noticed a huge correlation between her itching and how hot she is.  When she has played outside this summer, her itching gets out of control.  If she's inside and not over-heated, she doesn't itch at all.  This led us to try cool tub soaks.

Bee climbs into a cool bath and I slowly add more cold water until the bath water is pretty chilly.  Bee loves it!  She doesn't scratch at all and the cold water doesn't bother her one bit.  She's content to sit in the cool water and play with her toys.  I had always been worried that she would get too cold or not enjoy a cold bath.  We were wrong!

Now, I've been giving her about 2 cool soaks a day followed by lots of lotion.  Her itching is lessening and her eczema patches are starting to clear.  The tub soaks are also wonderful anytime she's been playing hard and has gotten too hot.  The cooler she is, the less she itches so the tub soaks work immediately in reducing her inflammation and stopping the itch.

We'll keep combining the tub soaks with some wet wraps on her legs and hope to keep her eczema flare-ups more under control this summer.

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