Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Night Chopped

Back when we had cable TV and we watched sports and Food Network only (very sad I know), we used to love the show Chopped.  So since watching it is out of the question, we simply recreate it.  Every Monday night our house has its own version of Chopped

Monday night is when I take Curly to her violin lesson as soon as Daddy gets home.  We head out the door, leaving him in charge of 3 small children and dinner preparations.  I put a meat in the fridge the night before and he is left with whatever that meat might be and whatever else he can find in the fridge or pantry.  Curly and I come home to a surprise dinner which is always very creative and always made without a recipe.  Most of the time he has some pretty awesome and creative dishes.

Our Monday Night Chopped adds some variety to our dinners and helps us break out of our rut.  Prince Charming is never afraid to experiment and has discovered some winning recipes during his cooking time with 3 helpers.  He even cleans up the kitchen when he's done..........He's a keeper!

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