Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Allergy Alert Bracelets

I found a new type of allergy alert bracelet that is very kid friendly.  The site also has necklaces and will soon be shipping bracelets that can hold more than one charm if a child has multiple allergies.
The site does have some good allergy info and is geared for kids.  I'll be saving this for Bee and we might think about ordering her a bracelet.  You can never have too many reminders!

Another site has Allerbling bracelets that allow you to customize the allergy list with charms as well as regular customized medical ID bracelets.  This site also offers cute allergy tattoos.  The Allerbling site is found here.

Here's a site with sport bracelets that can be engraved.

 Bee would love these bracelets but they aren't exactly easy on the wallet for a kids' bracelet.  But they sure are cute!

And here's another site with multiple options and another.........

Ok, we're going to have to sort through our options but I think Bee may need a bracelet for part of her birthday present in April. 

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