Friday, February 10, 2012

Bee Update

How's Baby Bee doing?  Well, she's hanging in there!  We've had to add a few other things to our allergy list (which I'll blog about at some point) and we had a big doctor appointment January (more to blog there).  The next appointment should include testing and we're hoping her numbers are continuing to drop.  We're always ready for positive news.

Bee's eczema has calmed this winter and she's doing very well.  She's so much less itchy than she used to be.  She sometimes goes for several days without trying to scratch her skin off.

She's still a thumbsucker which makes my job so much harder!  Who knows what she's touched and then she sticks her thumb in her mouth?  It's impossible!

She is quite the girly-girly who loves pink and purple.  She always tries to still big sis' princess dolls and she's rarely without one of her cuddly animals or baby dolls.  She is the little mother!

She has also begun voicing her opinion much more of late.  She also strings together pretty complex sentences and is asking some thoughtful questions.  It's so fun to see how her little mind works!

She's also quite the bully to her big brother and sister.  They often run in fear from her.  She loves to take their toys and torment them.

She believes she can read and any time I try to read a story to the kids she swipes the book.  She carefully turns the pages and talks in her own little language as she "reads" the story to us.

She loves all things music and sits and plays our piano by herself for long periods of time.  She also goes through the house singing at the top of her lungs.  And she even pretends to play violin with some sticks.  She props up her music and moves her stick bow across her stick violin as she calls out note names.

So, there's a little update on Bee.  She's quite a little character.

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