Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Allergy to Wool

We can't only be allergic to food-we need to be allergic to other things too.  It just makes my life so much more interesting!

No polyester clothes!  Do you know how hard it is to find jammies with no polyester?
No doggie kisses!  That makes for fun times at the parks with all the dogs!
No cats!  We can't enter a house where a cat lives....How fun is that to explain to people?

Now, no wool.  I never even thought about other fabrics.  Bee only wears 100% cotton all the time.  But not the rest of us....polyester doesn't bother her as long as it's not actually on her.  But not wool.  No, she can't be touched by wool.  She had a horrible rash over Christmas and wool was the only culprit we could find.

Daddy was wearing a sweater and they were playing.  Rash.  We got that rash under control and went to grandma's house.  Daddy was holding her.  Rash.  Twice in a row in the same day!  It was the sweater.

That's just another thing to add to our list to discuss with our doctor.  So if we can't be around wool, what other products are dangerous?  We're going to be avoiding any products that contain lanolin.

Apparently, true wool allergy is rare.  What do you want to bet we're one of those with that rarity?  The list just keeps growing!

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