Thursday, February 23, 2012

Allergy Detection Dogs

I've recently been made aware of a new kind of service dog-allergy detection dogs.  These dogs are trained like a service animal but also to detect the scent of food allergens.  All dogs recognize the scent of peanut but can be trained to alert to additional allergens as well-such as tree nuts, milk protein, eggs, or fish.

I've found two companies that offer service dogs for allergic individuals:

Angel Service Dogs

Allergen Detection Service Dogs

We're currently discussing the possibility of an allergen alert dog as well as evaluating Bee's possible allergy to dogs. 


Allen Sullivan said...

My daughter has a bee allergey and she got a corgi that has already picked up on the fact bees are bad. We are currently starting formal training with him and hopefully he will be a help to her in avaoiding bees and he will be taught to alert if she goes down and retreive her epi pen. Wish us luck with this.

Lexi said...

I hope it works out well for you! We're holding off on a dog for now but we'd still love to have one in the future.

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