Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Bee Update

It's time for a Baby Bee Update!
Bee is 2 1/2!  Well, she was on October 11.  And the girl is growing!  We're on the growth chart and tracking up it steadily.  She's even wearing 3T (and some 4T) clothes!

She can almost count to 20.
She knows several of her letters.
She loves to paint.
She speaks in complex sentences.
She has a quirky sense of humor.
She is stubborn......oh so stubborn!
She can throw a mean little tantrum.
She can also throw a mean punch-directed toward her siblings.
She follows her big sister and brother wherever they go.
She loves her big girl bed.
She loves taking care of her babies.
She is a great caretaker and is so compassionate.
She is quick to apologize and give hugs.
I think she might be part monkey-she climbs everything!
She loves to play hide and seek.
She loves to play on the big piano.
She loves to spin and twirl and dance.
She sings everywhere she goes.
She lives up to her middle name..........Joy.

Sweet Baby Bee!  She is growing up!

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