Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well, we have another big appointment coming up for Bee.  We visit the immunologist next week and I've got to get busy preparing for our appointment.  Here are my thoughts and questions for the doctor so far:

I plan to ask about food challenges and discuss some of our food challenges that we did at home.  Hopefully our immunologist won't be too mad at me.......
We tried beans and corn and everything seems fine so far..........
So what can we try next?

Can we try egg yolk if we separate the eggs?  Will we ever be able to eat eggs again?????

Can we try banana?



Wheat?  We had a Cheerio accident and nothing happened even though she had Cheerios in her is her wheat allergy better?

Can we restest some of the original RAST results?  And her IgE level?

She has had fish oil supplements with no problem so can we try fish?

We tried sunflower butter.......that was a total no go as Bee's mouth broke out in a huge rash.  What other things should we avoid that are related to sunflower seeds?  Can we test for sunflower allergy?

What about foods that are fine when she eats them and she loves to eat them, like oatmeal and watermelon, but if they sit on her face, she breaks out slightly?  Why do some foods make her break out only if they touch her face?  Should we avoid those foods as well?  Is there a difference between an internal allergy and a contact allergy?

Why does her milk allergy seem worse?  Now we cannot even touch her after touching dairy or she will break out in severe hives.  What can we do?

On the upside, her eczema has improved dramatically and she doesn't itch constantly.  So we are making improvements!

We'll see what the doctor says this time...........

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