Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So many times Bee has a reaction and I can figure out what she reacted to.  And then other times, I just have no idea and it can be so very frustrating.  The other day, the kids were cooking in the play kitchen and Bee put on her little apron.  Within minutes her entire chin and neck began to break out.  I was able to undress her, bathe her, and lotion her before the rash spread over her entire face.  About an hour later she had a secondary reaction and one side of her face broke out.  I felt like I was fighting a losing battle.

Usually she's safe at our house, but not this time.  We've tried to determine what happened and the only thought we have is that her reaction had something to do with the number of kids and parents we had over at our house for Curly and Tiger's birthday party.  The kids were all touching the toys and many of them played in the play kitchen and with the aprons.  If one of them had something on their hands from breakfast and brought it into the house, then it could have caused Bee's reaction. 

I think I'm going to have to institute a new policy-if you come over to our house you must wash your hands when you first come in.  While I'm not sure that this was the cause of Bee's reaction it's my best guess.  How am I going to ask everyone to wash their hands when they walk in the door?  They are going to think I am such a fanatic.......not only do I not allow anyone to bring in outside food but now you have to wash your hands when you come over.  Maybe next I'll just give everyone sterile gowns to don over their clothes, then I'd know they didn't bring any food particles in the house....

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