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I know people probably think I'm crazy as I scope out what their child is eating.  They think I'm nuts as I obsessively pick up dropped Cheerios and other deadly snack foods off the floor.  They think I'm totally paranoid as I try to keep my kids separate from the other kids during eating times.  They think I am crazy and hyper-supermom as I bring all of our own snacks and food to every event.

You know, I think I'm crazy too.  I never thought I would ever have to do these things or worry like this.  I don't want to be paranoid and obsessive.  But I am justified.........

Take a look at Bee in this picture.  This is after medicine, a bath, lotion, and more medicine.  This is a good hour after the initial reaction.

This is a picture of an allergic reaction after...........wait for it...........she picked up a Nacho Cheese Dorito and started to put it in her mouth.  I leapt out of my chair and across several small children to snatch that one tiny broken Dorito chip from her hand.  I grabbed her up, cleaned her hands with wet wipes, wiped her face, and took her far away from the Dorito-dropping children.

Yet, we still ended up leaving the event within a few minutes of our Dorito scare all because Bee started to get very itchy and fussy-which is never a good sign.

I can only imagine what would have happened if she actually ATE that dumb Dorito.

So, for all of you who think I'm crazy, I'm obsessive, I'm paranoid, or I have some type of crazy supermom-syndrome:  Get over it!

Try having a little compassion.  Know that I don't want to live like this, no one does.  Where you see food, I see ER visits.  Where you see cute little Goldfish crackers and candy bars, I see rashes and anaphylactic shock.

We view the world with different perspectives.  And some days I would give anything to be able to see the world the way you do.  But that's not possible.  So for now, try to understand my viewpoint.

I don't need you to turn up your nose and whisper that I'm crazy.  I already know that.  But my craziness is justified.  I even have pics and ER visits to prove it.

So anytime you meet an allergy mom, have some compassion and know that life with allergies is a huge challenge.  And please keep your food to yourself............


ellen said...

My 22 month old ate nacho cheese doritos for the first time last night (we hardly ever give this kind of crap, but she grabbed mine). Within minutes she was covered in hives. Luckily we had Benedryl handy. It happened again once those doritos made their way out the back end. She hasn't been allergic to anything yet and I'm really wondering what's in those stupid chips!

Lexi said...

Wow! I have no idea what's in them or what caused Bee's reaction to them. I just know it was instant and she never even put it in her mouth. I might have to try to research the ingredients better to find out. Not fun!

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old blog, but I'm excited to see people with the same problem as we have. My daughter (who is 6 now) broke out the same way with Nacho Cheese Doritos (haven't tried the cool ranch), sour cream and onion Lays, and Pizza Hut dipping tomato sauce (that came with bread sticks). Doritos and Pizza Hut were a red rash around the mouth, and stomach issues, and the sour cream and onion was big raised hives.

Lexi said...

It's tough to figure out the issue!
I'm thinking it's the dairy factor with the Doritos since our dairy allergy is very severe. The chips also contain wheat which is another issue. AND, they have several types of food dye in them as well. So, those are 3 big things that are problems for us.
As far as the dipping sauce goes, tomatoes are highly acidic and if Bee leaves tomato sauce on her mouth she can get rashy from the irritation.

Anonymous said...

My daughter shot out in hives last night after I gave her Doritos as a snack. Its the first time I've ever experienced it and it is quite weird as none of us have any allergies. We ended up giving her Allergex and a cool bath to settle her down. Thank you for this blog as this would have been unbeknown not only to me but to many parents out there. Lee (South Africa)

Lexi said...

You're welcome! We avoid Doritos now! We think it was the dairy in the chips that bothered our daughter. But with all the bad preservatives and food dyes in those chips, it could have been almost anything.

Anonymous said...

I break out in hives every time I eat Doritos. I managed to avoid them for years until just today my mother brought home some plain old, non-cheesy, doritos that are basically like Tostitos. "It's fine," she said "You won't react to these, they're not cheesy or anything." I'm hesitant, but I eat some. A couple hours later... take a guess. I have a few red spots that I'm pretty sure aren't bug bites because they certainly weren't there when I first got home. Frankly, I probably deserve it for eating Doritos, of any kind. The most annoying thing is that we have no idea what I'm allergic too in these chips. They taste pretty good too.

Lexi said...

Not good! We avoid those things like the plague! I think it was the dairy in them that bothered Bee but it could be a lot more. I don't even want to find out. I run from Doritos and Cheetohs!

Anonymous said...

My son had KFC with his grandma a few days ago and broke out in a rash all over his face and tops of his hands. At daycare yesterday upon picking him up I noticed he had the horrible rash around his mouth and his hands were even worse. They look badly sun burnt and are sore to touch. After talking with a co-worker, she asked if he was MSG intolerant. I had not considered this. After googling I found that KFC and Doritos (amongst tons of other things) are culprits for monosodium glutamate (MSG). My son has had sleep and behavioral issues for as long as I can remember. We currently eat casein free and very minimal gluten. After researching I am excited to try and eliminate MSg and other preservatives out of his diet and see how he improves! I would highly recommend looking into this! Read up on Riborash as well!

Anonymous said...


I am a 57 year old woman with absolutely no history of food allergies. I ate a bag of the nacho cheese doritos last night and ended up in the emergency room with full blown anaphylaxis. I think it is something in the spices (which could be anything).

Earlier in the week I had eaten just a few from a bag and got a blister on my lip. At the time I had not equated those two things.

Stay away from Doritos!

Anonymous said...

OMG. My 8yr old had a reaction to doritoes a few yrs back. I don't bring them into my home. She gets to school and the children in her class bring doritoes. So of course, she gets home and I say to her, "what did you eat today?" She has a rash on her face and she thinks that I can't tell that she's been eating something that she's not supposed to eat. Anything msg is out of the question. Don't even mention the dyes. These ingredients create huge problems as far as focus and hyperactivity. We have to keep our children healthy.

Anonymous said...

im here looking and reading this and I finally found out im like your son. everytime I eat flamas doritos which are the doritos on the purple bag I get hives. there all over my body and get me puffy. there so good tho haha

Anonymous said...

I just ate a few doritos flamas. And all of a sudden my throat feels swollen. Hurts! Here I am freaking out because I don't have allergies. This is my first time eating them. Now I'm on Google.. Someone tell me what to do!!! said...


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