Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Complaint About Ian's Brand

Our new health food stores don't carry the brand of allergy safe chicken nuggets that I used to buy.  I've had to find other options.  One type of nuggets that we've found to be safe is the Ian's Allergy Friendly Chicken Nuggets.

But I do have one complaint about them.  It may sound silly, but it was so frustrating to me the first day I bought the nuggets.

The box contains about 15 nuggets.  The cooking instructions on the side of the box only specify how to cook 5 of those nuggets.  They give you a time and temperature for 5 nuggets, but do not give instructions for how long to cook the entire box of nuggets.  If you cook the entire box for the time given on the box, they will not be all the way done.

I called the company to ask them how to safely cook the entire box.  They didn't know and wouldn't tell me.

I asked them if there was some type of ratio-for each serving of 5 nuggets that you add, you need to add x amount of time to the total cooking time.  Nope.  They had no idea.

If I by a box of nuggets that comes wrapped in plastic wrap and I have to open the entire package to get out the number I want, why can't you tell me how to cook the whole thing?

Their rationale was that some families only have one allergic individual, so they only cook one small serving of nuggets at a time. 

Seriously?  Can you not just tell me how to cook the entire box safely?

Not all of us want to take out just 5 nuggets, rewrap the rest, and save them for later.  Some of us need to cook the entire box.

They had no plans to adjust the cooking instructions.  Why can it not just be simple?

I even checked the family size box which contains double the amount of nuggets as the regular-sized box.  The cooking instructions for that huge box tell you how to cook 5 nuggets.  I don't know about you, but if I have a big family and need to cook a lot of nuggets, I'd like to know how to do it.  I don't want to check them every few minutes to see if they seem done or keep poking them with a thermometer.

I buy chicken nuggets for convenience when I'm in a time crunch and need a quick meal.  Therefore, they should make the nuggets easy to cook with clear instructions.

So, I'll search around for a different more convenient brand because I don't have time for that kind of guesswork.

I told you it seemed silly.  But when you have 4 hungry kids waiting for lunch to be done and you have no idea how much longer it will take, it becomes a problem.  When you worry about the safety of the nuggets and you keep checking them to make sure they are thoroughly cooked before serving them, it becomes a problem.

Why can't they make things simple for us food allergy parents who have enough on our mind as it is?


Kim said...

Ian's *shutter* - can't help it, but they taste gross. For the sake of feeling normal or needing a quick meal I used to buy these.

I found Applegate's gluten free chicken nuggets (they also make gluten free chicken strips)that are awesome. Here's a link to there nutritional facts:

The only thing I like from Ian's anymore is their gluten free onion rings.

Lexi said...

We found a store that carries Applegate brand. It just takes some searching! But I was so horribly frustrated with Ian's!
I don't like the frozen nuggets but when I'm in a pinch and need a quick meal, they work well.
I don't plan to buy Ian's anymore....for several reasons. I wish we could eat the Belle and Evans brand-those are my favorite chicken strips but they contain egg!

Kim said...

Yeah it can be tricky to find Applegate gluten free nuggets, not even the Whole Foods near me carries them, just some of the smaller health food stores.

I hear you on the Bell and Evans...they fill the shelves at Whole Foods. Alas I can't have them either due to the soy, my most severe allergy. **Hate Soy!! - it's in everything!**

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