Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Outgrown Oat Allergy

We have some exciting news!  Bee has seemingly outgrown her allergy to oats.

Several years ago we gave her a small bite of gluten free oatmeal.  She immediately broke out in a rash around her mouth.  Since that day I have not allowed her to have any oats or oatmeal.  Even though Tiger and I often eat GF oatmeal at breakfast, I have always made something else for Curly and Bee.  Bee has never complained or even asked to eat the oatmeal.  It's funny how she seems to almost know that some foods both her as she avoids them on her own without urging from us.

Well, a few weeks ago, Bee demanded a taste of my oatmeal.  That has never happened before.  We had been considering a food challenge or testing her oat allergy again but I wasn't ready this soon.  I spoke with Prince Charming and we decided to do our own food challenge the next day when he would be home.

I made oatmeal and gave Bee one tiny bite.  She loved it and immediately wanted more.  I made her wait a long time and then gave her another bite.  Several minutes later she took one more.  I gave her the buckwheat cereal she normally ate and let her finish breakfast.  We waited and watched.  Nothing.

The next day I let her have more oatmeal.  Nothing happened that day either.

Since that day she has eaten a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast on several occasions.  She has not had one issue.

We are so thankful that we can add a food back to our list and now we have even more baking possibilities with oats and oat flour.

Bee has a new favorite breakfast (which I guess would actually be second after homemade donuts)!

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