Friday, July 27, 2012

Tiger and Asthma

We know our family has a predisposition for allergies and asthma.  Yes, we have noticed that.  But so far none of the kids have been officially diagnosed as asthmatic.  That changed this past week.

Tiger has had a cough that won't go away.  The first pediatrician suggested a round of antibiotics to fight the infection and keep his cough from turning into bronchitis.  We finished the medicine and there was no improvement.

We tried a new pediatrician who looked at our family history and questioned asthma.  Then she had Tiger do a "blowing game" to test his lung capacity.  She said he might be having bronchial spasms but that the test wasn't always accurate in younger children.  That doctor gave me her explanation and opinion with lots of "ifs" and "maybes".  That's just not good enough for me.

The doctor suggested an inhaler and some asthma medicine to try short term to address his coughing.  We're going to try the medicine and see how Tiger does.  But I don't want a maybe diagnosis.  I want to be sure.  I want to know if Tiger is truly having bronchial spasms and if he is actually asthmatic.

I'm wondering if it's not a seasonal allergy that is still bothering him.  He might be borderline asthmatic but I want to know for sure what we're dealing with before I start any type of medication.  So, Tiger has an appointment with a pediatric pulmonary specialist in October.  We're hoping this doctor can give us more definitive answers and help us monitor Tiger's problems without daily medication.

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