Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Soccer Game

We did a brave thing-Daddy took Bee to a professional soccer game.  She survived.

Prince Charming was given 4 VIP tickets to a local soccer game.  None of us care a bit about soccer, but.....the seats were really really good.  He had a box seat with his own private table.  You can't really turn that down!

So, after much debate and worry, we decided that he should take all 3 big kids to the game.

I called ahead and spoke with the manager of the complex and he said he would allow us to bring in a snack for the kids since the concession stand was off limits.  I wrote down his name-Andrew.

Prince Charming headed out the door with 3 kids, an Epi-pen, and a bag of safe pretzels.  He was of course stopped at the gate and told to ditch the pretzels.  He said the magic word-Andrew-and they were sent on their way with the bag of pretzels and told to enjoy the game.

The seats were awesome!  The kids had a wonderful time with water bottles and pretzels.  They sat at midfield in their box seats and watched the game for an hour.  The VIP area filled up fast and a few people nearby were munching peanuts, so Prince Charming decided that they had enough soccer for one night and they headed home.

It was Bee's first time to go to any sports game.  Previously I've been too freaked out by the lovely concession stand.  But she did great!  We can do this!

I would post wonderful pictures of Bee's first sports experience, but Prince Charming left his phone in the car.  No pictures for me.  But all the kids did get this little soccer ball cowbell.  Man, those things will bless you.  I'll leave you with a picture of our new bells instead.

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