Friday, March 15, 2013

Allergy Action Plan

We have an allergy action plan.  Do you?

What's an action plan?
This is an explanation of what to do in the event of an allergic reaction.

  • Our action plan has Bee's information: her name, her birthdate, and a list of her allergies.
  • The plan also has our information: our contact information and our insurance information.
  • The plan details what to do if Bee has a reaction: what to do if she's itchy, has a rash, breaks out in hives, is wheezing, or has trouble breathing.
  • The plan also includes a list of her meds with instructions on dosage and how to use them.
  • Our plan has our doctors contact information and is signed by our doctor.  

Why an action plan?
It's true-we don't often leave Bee.  She's usually close by.  But we always have an action plan with her in her Epi bag.  This is for Sunday school teachers or any other caregiver.  I feel more comfortable leaving Bee in someone's care (I still stay in the building), if they have a list of allergies to avoid and a protocol to follow if Bee has problems.  The plan spells out what to do and who to contact if there are questions or a problem.  It contains specific directions for all her meds and how to administer the Epi pen.

It's also for any emergency worker.  I learned the hard way that sometimes the emergency response team or the ER doctors may think you're crazy.  They might even have the gall to argue with you.  But now, I just hand over my action plan and they can see all of Bee's important information.  It keeps me from having to repeat the information a dozen times in an emergency and it also validates the information I tell them.  If they argue with me, I tell them to take it up with our doctor-her numbers on the page and her signature's at the bottom.

You can make your own plan or use one of the plans online.
Here's a food allergy action plan and here is one for asthma.  Here's a combined form for asthma and allergies and this form is from FARE's website.  

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