Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our Allergy Kit

We have an emergency allergy kit.  We travel with two small bags hooked onto my purse, our diaper bag, or Daddy's belt loop.  Our bags are hot pink so they are hard to miss, and the words "Epi Pen" are embroidered on the outside.

The bags are simple zippered pencil bags that were purchased through 31 Gifts.  They are attached to a bag or belt look with a giant carabiner.

Want a look inside?

In the first bag:
Twin Epi Pens
Our action plan and the instructions for the Epi pens
Benadryl cream
Cortizone cream

In the second bag:
Inhalers (Xopenex)
Spacer for inhalers 
Benadryl tablets

We're always prepared!


kbadger said...

I LOVE this idea! I need to be more prepared with a real emergency kit just like this! Besides Epi-Pens & sometimes liquid Benadryl, I am never prepared for an asthma attack!

Thank you!

Alexb said...

May I suggest Zyrtec added to the emergency kit, its supposed to be fast acting but with less of a problem with drowsiness like benadryl which makes a person very drowsy, of course zyrtec is known to cause drowsiness but to a lesser extent. You could also carry Allegra which doesn't have the drowsiness problem although its not as fast as zyrtec, be aware of juice reactions that can affect its performance, claritin is an effective alternative but takes much longer to work.

I'm wondering whether you tried the different anti-histamines and which ones worked the fastest, have you also tried chlor-tabs,doxylamine (found in night-time or nyquil), or even semprex or any other antihistamines, let me know what you found out.

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