Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from the Hive!

It's that time of year again!  That wonderful holiday that revolves around unsafe candy and scary costumes!  How I dread Halloween for a long list of reasons!!!

So, what do you do when you have allergy kiddos and you are faced with another holiday full of food?

Order your own safe candy.
My mom always sends the kids allergy-free treats for Halloween from Navan Foods.  The kids love the suckers!  I also ordered some Surf Sweets gummies and some Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops.

Make your own special treats.
It's a Halloween tradition at our house to make Rice Krispie treats and then frost them with white icing and add some mini chocolate chips.  The original intent was to have treats that looked like ghosts with two black eyes but the kids always go overboard with the chocolate chips.  Who cares?  They taste great!

Make your own food.
We have another Halloween tradition.  Daddy always grills out hamburger patties and makes homemade french fries.  We put ketchup "eyes" on the patties and give them some french fry legs for our own spider food creature.  Then we put some green beans around as the web.  They remember this meal from each year and look forward to it every Halloween.

Start your own traditions or host your own party.
Trick or treating is tricky, to say the least.  There are only a couple of candies that are remotely safe for Bee.  And of course, there's the whole "candy is not good for you" thing, as well as the artificial flavors and dyes.  Yuck!  I want to stay away from that candy.

So, instead of going out from house to house or hitting up Halloween parties full of food and candy, we have our own family party each year.  We have glow in the dark bowling, pin the nose on the pumpkin, a mummy wrap with toilet paper, and crafts.  And of course we have our own fun treats and prizes.  So, instead of feeling sad that we can't attend many of the functions, we just make our own.  The kids start getting excited about our Halloween party when school starts back up in the fall. 

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