Thursday, February 7, 2013

Allergy Free Cinnamon Crackers

I'm not sure Bee has ever actually eaten a cracker.  Most crackers contain gluten-that's a no go for us.  If they are gluten free then they have eggs or dairy.  If they are free of eggs and dairy then they have some type of nut or seed in them (sesame seeds anyone)?  Therefore, a safe cracker is impossible to find.  And for the couple times I've actually found something she can have-they taste horrible!  But we have found a new cracker that we can eat safely and it doesn't taste bad either.

We tried the Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps in Cinnamon and Sugar.  They taste a little like Cinnamon Toast Crunch with much less sugar.  They were crunchy with the right amount of cinnamon.  All 4 of my kids (minus the toothless baby) loved them.  My hubby and I both did a taste test and we agreed that they were pretty good.  So, now we have a new snack food!


Amber said...

Holy Moly Erica can have these!!! I was just looking yesterday for a graham cracker she could have because I wanted to make a dessert for Valentines day that called for a graham cracker crust. But all the GF ones I found had either corn, soy, or pea in them. I just checked the ingredients for these and they're good to go!! YAY!

Lexi said...

Yes she can! Let me know if your dessert turns out!

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