Thursday, February 21, 2013

Allergy Friendly Spurs Basketball Game

So, the hubby got tickets to a Spurs game-box seats.  Awesome, right!?  Well, they serve lots of food in those boxes, not to mention all the yucky concession food floating around the seats.  I so wanted him to be able to take the big kids but was worried he would have to leave Bee behind.

I got on the phone and got in touch with the catering company who handles all the Spurs games.  I spoke with the manager who was amazingly nice and amazingly knowledgeable.  I was shocked!  He said they did gluten free events and were aware of food allergies.  He wrote down our list and wasn't the least bit phased by it.  He immediately called the chef and they met together to come up with some food for our kids.  I told them to keep it simple for the little people and they decided on some grilled chicken and rice with some steamed veggies.  He called me back later that day to confirm the menu and see if I had any extra questions.  It sounded perfect!  And did I mention that I only gave them a days notice?  They pulled it together in 1 day so that Bee could attend the game and have a snack.  Impressive!

When my hubby arrived with the kids, they were shown the separate area where their food was.  It was kept separate from any other food in the box.  There was also a sign that specified that it was allergy-free.  They reserved it just for us!

The kids loved the chicken and rice and snacked on it all through the first half.

They had great seats!

And the kids loved watching the game!

It was a perfect evening and the kids had a wonderful time at their first NBA basketball game.  They were so accommodating and understanding of the allergies.  I just might have to be a Spurs fan now............

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