Monday, April 1, 2013


The kids had sandwiches last week for lunch.  Bee has never eaten a real sandwich and the big kids hadn't had a sandwich at our house in over a year.  They were shocked to see sandwiches on their plates.  They tried their pea butter and honey sandwiches and loved them!  Tiger and Curly each ate 3 and Bee at 2 and little Ladybug ate 1 1/2.  We went through an entire loaf of bread for that one lunch.  I'm so glad I've found a good bread recipe for sandwiches!  And all the kids asked to have the sandwiches again next week!

It's the little things to get excited about.............I never thought I would appreciate a sandwich so much.  It was nice to feel somewhat normal!!


Anonymous said...

Did I miss where you posted that recipe? I have been missing good bread ;)

Lexi said...

I linked it for you :)

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