Thursday, September 27, 2012

Panic Attack

Ok, food allergies have made me more than a little crazy.  How do I know this? 

Last week the kids were watching a Spanish cartoon program on the iPad while they ate lunch at the table.  The episode was about the market and all the different foods.  The characters talked about fruits and vegetables and then cheese-queso.  I don't know many Spanish words, but I do know that one!

On the screen was a huge block of cheese and it even showed the factory where the cheese was made.  My heart stopped and I jumped up ready to switch off the iPad.  There was cheese in my house!!!!  Then it hit me.  The cheese was on a screen.  It was not real.  Over react much? 

I think I have lost my mind.  Now I'm terrified of virtual dairy products. 

Food allergy parents are not normal.  I guess I'm always on high alert, even when it's just on TV....I need therapy!

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Amber said...

I am not even kidding you about this - I took the kids to the children's museum a few weeks ago and they were playing in the little grocery area. Erica comes around the corner with a basketful of foods and starts putting them on the little conveyer belt check-out area. When she picked up an ear of corn and put it down my heart skipped a beat and I nearly slapped it out of her hand. She looked at me like I was CRAZY!!! LOL

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