Monday, September 24, 2012

Peanut Butter Alternative

I really miss peanut butter.  We used to use almond butter until we discovered that Bee was allergic (even after testing negative to tree nuts).  That eliminated cashew butter and macadamia nut butter also.  I miss those too!  So, we settled on sun butter, feeling much safer.  Then we discovered that Bee had an allergy to sunflower seeds!  So, there went all the peanut butter alternatives.  So much for PB and J or "peanut butter" cookies.

But, we recently discovered Golden Pea Butter.

It sounded so strange and gross but I was finally brave enough to try.

And the verdict?  It's not bad at all.

It tastes like a nut butter and is a good substitute in cookies.

I do have a few complaints however:

There is no salt added.  Great if you're watching your sodium.  Bad if you want something that tastes like peanut butter.  I like my peanut butter slightly salted!

It has very little oil.  I want my butter to be creamy and spreadable.  This stuff can be hard to spread.  It can also make for some crumbly cookies in recipes unless you add some extra olive oil before baking.

So, while Golden Pea Butter is a pretty good substitute when you're allergic to everything else, it does require a few adjustments from me.  I've got to add a little salt and some olive oil to enhance the flavor and change the consistency.  But, we're going to keep trying new things with it.  Bee has really liked it so far.

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