Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Allergy to Salba

Well, we have a new allergen to add to our ever-growing list.  Bee is allergic to Salba seeds.

We had some chicken and rice for dinner the other night.  Bee likes to squeeze some applesauce over hers for her "sauce."  We had several different brands of squeezable applesauces but Bee chose this variety.  Several bites in to dinner she was breaking out.

We have gotten pretty good at our allergy drill and gave her some medicine, put her in a cool bath, put on some cortizone and sat over her with the Epi-pen waiting to see if the hives were spreading.  We were able to keep this reaction under control although it made her very itchy.

Our dinner was leftovers from lunch the day before so we knew that it should not have caused her rash.  The only thing different was the variety of applesauce she chose for her sauce.  After re-reading the label of Squash Applesauce, we learned that this brand put Salba seed into their sauce to add Omega-3s.  We began to suspect the Salba and after doing some research learned that Salba can be related to sesame seed.  Those with a sesame seed allergy should not have Salba.  We found our culprit.  After talking with our dietician, she also recommended that we avoid flax seed if Salba and sesame are problems.  That's two more for our list.........Poor Cinderelly........


Katie said...

OH my goodness! I just stumbled upon your blog by googling 'Salba grain allergies'. I've just discovered that my son has an allergy to this grain as well. That Happy Tot food is the culprit - glad to know that its related to sesame and I should also avoid flax seed. He doesn't have any other food allergies that we're aware of, but I'll be certain to avoid flax and sesame as well.

Lexi said...

I'm so sorry you learned you have an allergy but I hope that by avoiding those 3 things your son will feel better!

Anonymous said...

This is the 1st post I was able to find linking happy tot food to an allergic reaction. My son had a severe stomach reaction to salba and I am shocked that it is put into a baby food! I called the company and they said they never heard of anyone having that reaction... yet I have done research online and chia can react like sesame, flax and mustard! I am glad to see I am not alone in thinking this product should have an allergy warning label.

Lexi said...

I should probably call them too! It can be linked to sesame and we have a strong sesame allergy so that's probably why it bothered Bee. I was really surprised they put that in the baby food.

Lindsay said...

My comment is late in the game here, but my son (16 months) has now had the same reaction 2x after eating HappyTot Organic Superfood - vomiting about 2.5 hours after eating. He has had sesame seeds before (on 10 Grain Bread from TJ's & a bagel) and has also had mustard (mustard & maple baked chicken). So for us, it seems to be just the Salba. Now I know for sure. I thought about blaming the HappyTots before but thought maybe a flash I can confirm. Hope your LO's are well! Thanks for the post.

Brandy AZ Chase said...

I'm the new one glad to find this: nov 13, 2014. My 7month old girl just had bad allergy reaction to Salba Chia Seeds. Her other allergies are dairy and wheat. Being so young ahe hasnt had much exposure to other possible allergen foods. I contacted the same company you all are talking about HappyBaby/Tot. They said such allergy is rare. And they didnt say anything about adding an allergy warning.
Which is unacceptable. Parents should be made aware esp as it seems to be common in babies with other allergies.
I had no experience with allergic reactions enough to need an epipen so i could only sit with my poor miserable baby and hope it would pass quickly.
I think we need to protest and put a warning label for this food item on children's foods.

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