Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dog Allergy

Yes, we are allergic to dogs.

We initially thought cats were our only pet allergy.  Nope!  Dogs are dangerous too!  This picture was taken after a dog licked Bee.  What a scary day!  I thought a hospital trip was in our near future after this one.

The worse part about this is that Bee loves dogs!  She wants to touch every dog she sees!  My other kids could care less about dogs, but not Bee.  She is an animal girl.  Now, I can't allow her to be around them!

We're just adding to my paranoia.  Every time we're out at a park, at the beach, anywhere outdoors, I have to be in fear of every dog.

How many times lately has someone walked their dog by and offered to let Bee pet the dog?  I have to turn them down every time.  If a dog comes close, we scoop Bee up to keep her away.  The owner always has the same response, "He/She's friendly."  That's terrible!  Friendly dogs are no good!  They can be friendly to us all they want, but we won't be friendly back.

This means that we won't be getting a dog anytime soon, and probably not ever.  We have so missed our first dog and have always hoped to have another dog one day.  Nope!  What does that leave us with, a fish?  No thanks............


anjalisharma said...

Oh God! Dogs are too dangerous. dog allergy

Lexi said...

Learned that one the hard way...

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