Friday, July 1, 2011

Cats and Allergies

We have a new allergy to add to our list-CATS!

We recently had a playdate with some friends.  It was our first time to visit their house.  I didn't think to ask if they had pets before we went to their house-I didn't even know pets would be an issue.

During the playdate, Bee began to get very, very cranky.  I noticed a few small red spots on her face, but wasn't sure what was bothering her.  Then the itching began and Bee started to get frantic.  She was itching and falling to the floor in one small tantrum after another.  I decided to take her to another room to help her calm down.  In the other room, I unzipped her jammies (because we wear jammies whenever possible!) and noticed that she was covered in hives.

I had to rudely announce that we had to head home, pack up 4 children, and load the car.  Our playdate was cut short, my other kids were upset to have to leave, Bee was having a reaction, crying and itching, and I was stressed and frustrated.

As soon as we climbed into the van, I gave Bee some Bendryl and cleaned everyone's hands.  We drove home quickly and I had everyone rinse off in the shower.  Bee was lotioned and put in clean jammies.  Daddy even had to come home from work for a little while to help me re-dress everyone and calm Bee, who was still incredibly fussy.  Finally, the Bendryl kicked in and the rash began to fade.  Bee was able to rest and took a short nap.

All that evening, hubby and I talked over all the variables and decided that the reaction had to have been caused by the cats in the house of our friend.  Bee has never been around cats before and it seems like the most logical explanation.  It's just one more thing to add to our list and to discuss with our doctor in July.  More testing might be in order and our house will definitely stay pet free for a long time!

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