Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Talking with other "allergy parents"

Sometimes it is just refreshing to talk with other parents of allergic kids because they just get it.  They understand what you are saying and even what you aren't saying.

I had one of those conversations recently.  This mom was still somewhat new to the allergy lifestyle.  Her son cannot have dairy.  We were discussing other options and changes we've made to avoid dairy.  She brought up a few issues that we've encountered on our allergy journey.

1)  Some people do not take the allergy seriously.
Some people are simply ignorant regarding allergies and others just aren't concerned.

When you mention allergy, some automatically assume that you mean a peanut allergy.  If you attempt to describe any other type of allergy you are met with blank stares.

Others are in disbelief that someone could possibly be allergic to things such as watermelon and avocado.

And some just don't take any precautions and are very inconsiderate. 

2)  Others think the situation is overly-dramatized and do not understand the severity.

These individuals are the ones who think a little is ok.  Everything in moderation, right?

This mom had someone give her son something that contained dairy, because dairy was only one of the ingredients in a long list.  This somehow made it ok for her son.  He became very sick afterwards and had stomach issues for days.

For most allergic individuals, it's not the amount that matters-it's the ingredient, even in trace amounts.

In the case of an allergic person, no means no-not at all-not in any form-not in any amount-not cooked-not raw-not processed-not ever.

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