Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have tried probiotics in the past with Bee and have given up.  She won't drink milk or juice with that powder stirred in.  She seems to instinctively know that it's in there.  I pour out her drink and see the probiotic sludge left in the bottom, the sludge that she reaped no benefit from since she probably only drank one granule.

I have been searching for a liquid or chewable probiotic-anything other than a powder!  It's hard enough to find a dairy and soy free probiotic but not find it in another form, that is a tall-order.  But with the help of our dietician, I have found one.

It can only be ordered through a doctor so I'm working with mine to find out if we can get some to try.  I'm hoping that Bee would actually take a chewable probiotic and that we could see if taking one daily for a month or two would make a difference for her.  Maybe if I nag them often enough, they'll order it for me...........

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