Saturday, July 30, 2011

Breastmilk Allergy

Ladybug is quite the Queen of spit up lately.  I don't think there's a surface in our house that has escaped.  Her aim is pretty precise and she's been able to spit up down my shirt, up my shorts, and up my sleeves.  I thought there was a law called gravity but she defies that one.

She had a massive spit-up on our comforter and I did the best I could to clean it up but I'm sure it wasn't good enough - I sense an item for our Christmas list for one of our bedding and some new sheets thrown in!  Did I mention Ladybug also had an explosive diaper on our sheets?  Yes, that was a fun day.

Later that day, Bee was climbing on our bed and jumping away, because if it's there, it should be climbed and then jumped on or jumped from...she makes me a nervous wreck.

As she was lying on the bed, she began to break out on the back of her neck and on one shoulder.  That was a new one-she's allergic to comforters?  Then we remembered-the spit up on the bed, on that very spot.  Is Bee allergic to the spit up?  The breastmilk?  What is going on?

Either Bee is allergic to breastmilk (and if she is I'll feel forever guilty for nursing her for 10 months) or I ate some contraband late at night and some of that dairy protein was in the milk and is what broke her out.

And if it's a problem of casein in the milk, then is Ladybug reacting to it too?  Are her spit up episodes related to our occasional late night pizza or ice cream snacks?

Ok, that makes my head hurt.  I'm going to be doing much better spit up clean-ups from now on.  And I guess I'll say goodbye to our late night "dinner dates."

It's just such a sad thought!

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