Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wet Wraps

I've been trying to be consistent with some wet wrap therapy for Bee these past few weeks.  I feel like it takes forever, but it's helping.  So, it is definitely worth the time and effort.

We do short tub soaks-no soap!  Then as soon as she gets out we grab our Vanicream and lather her up.  Then I soak some gauze strips in cool water.  I wrap those around her arms or legs and use a self-adhesive bandage over the top.  Then, on go the jammies to keep her wraps in place.  After an hour or two I remove the wraps and use more lotion.  We sometimes do the wraps several times in a day.

What does Bee think about wet wraps?  Bee is not a fan of wet wraps, mostly because she has to stop what she's playing with to let me wrap or unwrap her legs and put on more lotion.  She thinks it is very inconvenient and she complains the entire time.  

Is it helping?  I've noticed a huge decrease in her itching.  The redness and inflammation in her skin is decreasing.  Her rough patches are softening and her skin is healing.  I'm so thankful!

I'm hoping we can continue to make improvements without using daily steroid creams or taking a daily antihistamine.  Bee hasn't taken anything daily for over a year and I'd like to keep it that way.

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