Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Argument

Ohhh, I have sat in this chair many times.  I wasn't looking for an argument, but I found several, and paid for all of them.

Let me take you back.....

This is Baby Bee, only a few hours old, resting in Daddy's arms.  If I only knew....this was the calm before the storm.

Bee was a fussy baby, very very fussy.  Bee didn't eat well or sleep.  The pediatrician tried to sympathize with "the tired mommy," but I knew he wrote me off.

When we presented with all over eczema, he stated that it was just that, simply eczema.  He wrote me a prescription for steroid cream and ushered me to the door.  Ok, Bee did not have "just" eczema, she was covered, and her crying was for a very good reason.  I suggested food allergies.  "No, definitely not."  But I really think...What about yeast?  Does she have a yeast infection?  "No, and I will NOT prescribe something for a yeast infection when it is NOT a yeast infection."  I argued that point for a few more minutes.  Then we argued about steroid cream and my not wanting to use it.  (He said I had no choice.)  Then we argued about whether I needed to see a dermatologist.  Finally, I insisted on a referral.  I left.  How many arguments was that?  Four?  And I paid for that....

The dermatologist was no better.  Yes, it was eczema.  Yes, I knew.  This was the one point that I was NOT attempting to argue.  But what about food?  Was food causing this?  We argued.  He laughed.  Then he suggested we present at grand rounds.  We did that and got the same answer.  We met with the pediatric specialist.  Then we had the same food allergy argument.  Wow, I paid two times for that argument.

The follow up appointment was no better.  I brought up the food issue again, asking for a blood test.  I was vehemently denied that test after an argument.  Then I brought up a yeast infection.  We argued over that too. I paid, but I guess I got two for one on that day.  What a sale!!!

So, I tried another pediatrician.  We argued about food allergies, and he finally relented and ordered a test.  This was 4 or 5 months after the initial visit to the pediatrician.  I was going on 7 months with little or no sleep and a baby who was more than miserable.  I think I looked something like this at that appointment:
Yup, I think I would have just ordered the blood test too.  I wouldn't argue with that anymore.  Win number one!

Of course, the test showed multiple and severe food allergies.  I cancelled my next follow up with the dermatologist and started calling immunologist/allergists.  None would take us as patients due to Bee's age of 8 months.  The angry look was coming back.

We met with an ENT who wanted Bee on steroid meds when she turned 1.  Not going to happen.  Argument.  Then we argued about dietary restrictions.  I was told that I could not manage my diet to restrict Bee's multiple allergens.  Yeah, well, we had an unpleasant argument there.  At least I felt like I got my money's worth on that one.

We traveled to another state to see an immunologist.  He was just not that helpful.  We argued about steroid cream and we argued about yeast infections.  We argued about Bee's allergens and if we could actually avoid all of them.  I can, but more importantly, I will!  No point in arguing that one with me.  What a long drive home!

Finally, got in to see an immunologist in our state.  Called and begged and ARGUED on the phone.  Win!  Guess what her first words were..........your baby has eczema and a secondary yeast infection.  Bingo!  No argument there!  That began our road to recovery.  Multiple yeast and other fungal infections, as well as staph infections later, Bee is clear of all infections and has stayed that way for months.  It just took a little argumentation and persistence to get there.

How sad that I had to argue with every provider in order to help Bee.  But even more sad, that they would argue back with me.  Or was it just contradiction?


Diana said...

What a great story to read...........I mean that you found some answers! People must be their own and their own children's advocates. Doctors are humans and do not know everything. Follow your "parental gut" and do your own research! What one eats is most often at the root of most health issues. We have not been taught that here in America.
Enjoyed reading your account of the journey.

Breanna Peterson said...

Thanks for sharing this! I posted something similar on my blog recently- it's a struggle we shouldn't have to go through but an unfortunate reality. There may be some recipes and resources on my blog, if you'd like to check it out
good luck, Breanna

Everyday Allergic said...

Thank you for everything you share on your blog. Ohhhhhh, sigh......I have so much to say, but I'm not sure what to include in this comment

"Just put this cream on him" "It's definitely not your diet, mom".

Of course it was my diet(nursing)!

So frustrating, I know!!!!!
The looks I would get from the doctors.....

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