Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Memories

This past spring I had the bright idea to take my children to the dairy classroom at our fairgrounds.  Someone please tell me why I thought that was a good idea.  Why? 

Let me set the stage:  We had just moved to a new state.....Texas.  We were living in a rent house, still half-packed, boxes everywhere.  We were working to buy a house.  Tiger had the brilliant idea to potty train and little Bee had had more allergic reactions in one month than I can count on one hand, and maybe two.  I guess I just wanted a Texas experience-you know farming and cows and such.  And the fairgrounds, what better way to experience "Texas."  Right?

I think there were a hundred school groups there, waiting and waiting and waiting, for the door to open to take you to somewhere beyond that door-to the mobile dairy classroom.  The "dynamic, fun, and educational" dairy classroom, the one that comes complete with a "milking parlor" and REAL cow!  It must be great!  It's dynamic!  It is FUN!  Errrr, ummm........ok.

So, we get to the classroom which is a giant green carpet that is pretending to be grass.  In front of us is the cow, all boxed into the nifty trailer, with the dynamic, exciting, and FUN speaker--a really old, crusty farmer guy.  GREAT for kids!  He spent 30 minutes propagandizing our children about the benefits of milk.  You CANNOT live without it apparently.  Then he put on the milking machine, two seconds later, he had milked one drop, and it was basically over.  He opened the floor for questions and millions of bewildered children started at him, bored out of their minds.  At this point in the lively presentation, Tiger began to dance around on the rug and Curly began to squeal.  I saw a dark puddle seeping from under Tiger.  Curly began to shriek something about pee pee and accident and I made a hasty exit, from the SECOND ROW!  As we ran toward the bathroom, several wonderfully sweet ladies were thrusting a fuchsia-colored drink in my children's faces.  They called it "strawberry milk."  No way!  Even if we could drink milk, that concoction does not even qualify.  In the future, I shall avoid all things dairy, especially when dairy and dynamic are together, because is that even possible?

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Diana said...

Why are we just about the only humans who drink milk from cows? The original milk God gave to us came from goats. And, there are a few great alternatives for those who wish to avoid the hard-to-digest proteins from cow's milk. Realizing there are those who cannot consume even goat's milk or nut-based milks, coconut milk is an alternative full of good fats and beneficial nutrients.

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