Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What to do about sippy cups?  They are hard to get fully clean, and if the kids accidentally drink after one another, well, Baby Bee will break out (in the rare instances when the kids eat something that she can't have or if she grabs another kid's sippy cup at church).  So, we are color-coded and use stainless steel canteens.  Easy to clean, no plastic problems (BPA, phthalates), easy to tote around, and they come with different lids-  Sippy for Baby Bee and sport caps for Tiger and Curly.  The kids love them and they do a great job helping Baby Bee drink ONLY from her canteen.  Plus, they are bright, easy to find, and everyone else knows that they are ours, so they don't touch Bee's drink.  Bee has her purple sippy, Tiger has green, and Curly of course has pink.  They even come in different sizes; Mommy has the giant turquoise one!

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