Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Are probiotics the answer for those with food allergies?

Our doctor feels that they can do nothing but help at this point and he agrees that Baby Bee's intestinal track is out of whack!  So, he put us on a dairy and soy free probiotic-which can be pretty tricky to find.  So far so good and no reactions.  We'll keep it up for a few months and see if we notice any changes. 


Diana said...

Probiotics are good for any person, big or small!
Good suggestion, and as you say, won't hurt in any way.

Breanna Peterson said...

We've been giving our son probiotics as well, but a pretty high dose- 50-100 biliion cfus. I'm not sure what role they've specifically played in his healing but I know they're a contributing factor. We used to do just 5 billion a day and that did nothing. We also learned from a stool sample that he had no lactobacillus so he's now on a probiotic with more strains of bacteria.

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