Sunday, June 13, 2010

Food Families

Well, we're learning that not all food allergy tests are completely accurate.  We've had a positive blood test and then a negative skin prick test for the same food and we've also had the reverse.  Our doctor said she will just take our word for it if we're concerned about foods, but trial and error is very scary.  So, we're going to go with the food families and begin learning which foods are related and which foods have possible cross-reactions with other foods.  By avoiding foods in the same family as foods that we know are allergens we are hoping to reduce some of her reactions.  I use the article from the Calgary Allergy Network to make my lists.  They list foods by name as well as by food family. 
Here is another website that details food families.

After reading through the articles, I think I've discovered the cause of Bee's rash last week--Quinoa.  Bee's face looked rashy last week and I could never figure out what she had eaten that was different.  Quinoa was one of the only "different" foods she had eaten that week.  Quinoa is related to the legume family, so no more Quinoa for Bee.  Thankfully the reaction was only a slight rash with a few hives, but Quinoa will need to be avoided for now.  But hopefully that will be outgrown in a few years!
Here is rashy Bee:
Thankfully the rash went away quickly this time.  No more Quinoa!!!
And yes, my children are playing outside in jammies.  Why not?


WarAngel said...


I was searching for Qunioa and Hives and came across your wonderful site.

I am almost 50 and a father of two (21 and 22).

I started developing a very itchy rash on portions of my body. I had to quickly figure out what was causing it before I went nuts (and I'm not allergic to nuts). I watched what I ate and took away the most recent and exotic food I've tried and added to my pantry.
The rash went away until I had a bowl of steamed vegetables with Quinoa. I had rashes again within 15 minutes. I cut out the Quinoa again and the rashes are gone again. So, if I ever want to have itchy rash again, there's still some Quinoa in the fridge.

I think you have a beautiful family.

God Bless You

Lexi said...

Thank you.
We thought Quinoa would be safe but it is not a safe food for us. It is such a guessing game to figure everything out.

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