Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shopping Guide

I do not like to shop--for anything.  Never have, never will.  However, shopping for groceries wasn't too bad...........until now!! 

Last week, I had a meltdown in the chip aisle.  I was looking for some plain kettle potato chips to use for breading for Baby Bee's chicken strips.  They were out.  EVERY OTHER BRAND had either sesame, corn, or milk!  Can you make a potato chip without milk?  I bet I could!  But, most companies don't care to try.  I threw some bags of chips back on the shelves.  It did make me feel slightly better. 

I've had coconut yogurt meltdowns.  And rice milk meltdowns.  And tapioca starch meltdowns.  I could keep going....

Why is it that one store carries one thing I need, another store carries two others, and the third store has four things I need.  Can I please just shop at one??  Nope!  That would be too easy!

But I heard this book is supposed to help minimize your shopping nightmares and meltdowns.  Did I mention my birthday is coming soon?  A massage would be nice too..........

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Diana said...

This is a great resource. A really good one.

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